Bio and Statement


Austin artist Ginger Geyer grew up in Arkansas, earned BFA and MFA degrees from SMU, and worked for 13 years at the Kimbell Art Museum and Dallas Museum of Art in conservation, collection management, and planning. Ginger received a Masters of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from the Episcopal Theological Seminary of the Southwest. She has been Adjunct Professor there and at Concordia University. Since 1999 she has served as arts consultant and gallery curator for Laity Lodge, a retreat center supported by the H.E. Butt Foundation in the Texas Hill Country. Handbuilt, glazed porcelain has been her primary medium since 1990, creating detailed pieces that evoke a blend of her experiences as a playful church-fed child, a curious museum professional, a mother of two, and an insatiable scholar of theology. Her portfolio includes an ever-expanding body of work that pokes at sacred cows and political pork, while also claiming the “nevertheless factor”– that we are astonishingly blessed. Valley House Gallery, Dallas, represents Ginger’s work.


Porcelain clay is a  fancy, finicky material that provides a check on my need for results. Prone to warp and crack, it is much like ministry, or art exhibitions, in that you never know the ultimate effects of what you send out there. At first sight my pieces appear to be one-liners, all about technical virtuosity. However, this is “slow art”, asking the viewer to enter an entanglement of potential  meanings posed by strands of humor, vintage and pop culture, scriptural allusions, civil religion, art history and the physicality of porcelain itself. Tips: notice the flaws, dive into the cliches, and be open to stories. An epic is woven around the sculptures featuring a precocious WASP character named Chlora. She’s a good Southern girl, with all that implies. Themes of transformation and brokenness linger here, but with all that human heaviness there is a playful  dose of joy, abundance, and openness to what is.