Ginger Henry Geyer

Porcelain Sculpture

Adaptation of 6th-7th c. icon of St. Peter from the Monastery of St. Catherine, on "Egg on Your Face"

Adaptation on "Metanoia Turnover Toy" of Good Shepherd” from Catacombs of Calixte

Adaptation of 11th c. Byzantine ivory carving of "Crucifixion" on "Stuck Together"

Adaptation on "Bubbly Footwash" of Ford Madox Brown's "Jesus Washing Peter's Feet"

Installed with "Johan Fishing for Compliments" at Laity Lodge

Adaptation of Guido Reni's "Fighting Putti" on "Silly Putty"

"Glory Bee"

installed with the "Recycled Tricycle", with "The Divine Economy Book" inside

detail of "Glory Bee" of Masaccio's "Trinity"

Peter's Easter Basket

2012, glazed porcelain with gold and white gold.
8” H x 18” x 18” installed

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