Ginger Henry Geyer

Porcelain Sculpture

Adaptation of Byzantine illumination, St. Issac the Syrian

Adaptation of Byzantine illumination of St. John Chyrsostom

Adaptation of Henri Rousseau’s The Repast of the Lion

Adaptation of ancient Roman mosaic of Tiger Hunting White Bull, and Jusepe Leonardo’s St. Mark Evangelist

Adaptation of Kandinsky’s Improvisation XIV

Adaptation of Pissarro’s Boulevard les Italiens Morning Sunlight

Adaptation of John Hoyte’s sketch of the Hannibal Route

pile from above

lamp with bulb

Illuminated Manuscripts

2014, glazed porcelain with gold and white gold (5 stacks of books and 3 loose).
Installed app. 17 “ x 40” x 28”, Lamp: 17” x 13’ x 11”

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