Ginger Henry Geyer

Porcelain Sculpture

Chlora's Stories: An Introduction

"A small but ever-expanding subset of my work explores the antics of Chlora. These pieces with prose poems have a particular flavor and lots of rules. Since 1997 about fifteen pieces have appeared and there are many more waiting to take off. Chlora has become an appropriation artist and is now usurping all of the older pieces too, enfolding them into ever-expanding stories. These are developing into online books modeled after Little Golden Books, but they have scads of pop-ups to help unpack all the disjointed associations."

november book- Ginger Geyer

Chlora's Book
of the Month: November

Explore excerpts from November, one in a series of twelve interactive books now in progress.

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Ginger Geyer's Sculptural Narrative -
an Appreciation

Article by Betty Sue Flowers, 2010 ]



Chlora's Dream House, Second Edition

Porcelain Sculpture by Ginger Henry Geyer

[ Porcelain Sculpture by Ginger Henry Geyer ]


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Ginger Geyer:
The Porcelain Reformation

Richard R Brettell Essay and images from Ginger's exhibition at The McKinney Avenue Contemporary

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in-progressGinger Geyer: From the Studio

Works in progress, exhibition photos, and other related material, 2010--2012 ]


In the Press:

"Paradox in Paradise: A Ceramic Arts Residency in Rome" by Ginger Geyer, Arts Online, July 2014 [Download PDF]

"Split Ends" piece featured in Religious News article

"North Texas Artists in Turkey - Ginger Geyer on Pattern Overload":, 2010

Show Review, McKinney Avenue Contemporary: D Magazine, 2010